Old Timey Soda Pops

At Myer's Deli we know that drinks in glass bottles taste better, that's why we carry a huge assortment of glass bottled soda pops.

Like a glass soda pop which doesn't change just for the sake of change, neither does Myers commitment to equality

Myer's Deli... Quality since 1958. 



Every morning at Myer's Deli we bring a variety of fresh breads, baked goods bagels and sweets from the cities best bakeries like City Bread, Goodies bake shop, Stella's Bakery and Gunn's Bakery. If you would like to start a standing order or would like us to bring in a one time special order we would love to help you do so.

For call ahead orders and catering please call us at (204)-489-6310 or email us via our website


Myer's Legendary Sandwiches





Montreal smoked meat, corned beef, pastrami, roast turkey, smoked turkey, roast beef, beef salami, genoa salami, prosciutto, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad and vegetarian.

*gluten free breads and meats available*


Grilled Sandwiches

Can also be made as Wraps



Pair up your Myer's legendary sandwich with one of our Incredible sides like our world famous coleslaw, potato salad or one of our many different kinds of Knish.

Salads and Such

Coleslaw, potato salad, Greek vegetable, Greek pasta, chickpea and olive, bean salad, broccoli salad, quinoa, oriental noodle and many other fun and seasonal salads.



Soup of the day


Check out our great selection of frozen soups to take home like Chicken soup, mushroom beef and barley, Potato leek and mushroom, Greek lemon chicken and sautéed mushroom and onion bisque.



Classic Winnipeg favorites changing daily like huge apple jacks, imperial cookies, carrot cake and so much more. Check out all of our baked goods brought in fresh each day from Winnipeg's best bakeries like Goodies Bakeshop, Stella's bakery and Gunn's Bakery.